Alert Alabama garbage truck driver saves homeless man from being crushed

Published 5:10 pm Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Authorities say a homeless man could have died inside a garbage truck in northern Alabama, but the driver saved him.

A Republic Waste Operations driver was emptying out a Dumpster in Huntsville on Monday when the incident happened, reported. Emptying the Dumpster involves the truck’s mechanical arms lifting it up and emptying the contents into the truck.

Typically, the truck’s trash compactor is turned on after a Dumpster has been emptied, the news site reported. However, the driver checked his cameras and noticed the young man, who had been asleep inside the Dumpster and was thrown into the garbage truck bed.

The driver helped the man out of the truck, and then called Republic Waste Republic Waste Operations Manager Chuck Cantrell.

Cantrell purchased clothes and boots for the man, who is now at a homeless shelter, according to the company.

The driver’s training and preparation led to the safe outcome, Cantrell said.

“Because of this, our driver was able to save this man’s life,” he said. “It is important to look after one another, especially those less fortunate. Providing the gentleman with some warm clothing was the least that I could do.”