Man charged with assaulting victim with ax; victim turned tables on him and took ax away, police said

Published 1:04 pm Friday, December 9, 2022

An Alabama man has been charged with burglary and attempted murder after police say he entered a residence and began assaulting the owner with an ax.

At approximately 9:07 a.m., Thursday Dothan, Alabama, police officers responded to the 1000 block of Greentree Avenue for a burglary in which the suspect was assaulting the victim inside the residence with an ax.

Upon their arrival, they found the victim holding the suspect down waiting for the police to arrive.

The suspect, 59-year-old Timothy Brown of Dothan, arrived at the residence and forced his way inside uninvited.

Brown and the victim have had an ongoing dispute between them.

Brown was armed with an ax and began assaulting the victim. After being struck with the ax, the victim was able to take the ax away from Brown and began to hold him down.

While being held down, Brown pulled a pocketknife and began cutting the victim’s hand. Brown was immediately taken into custody when officers arrived.

The victim was taken to Southeast Health where he was treated for injuries he sustained from being assaulted with the ax and pocketknife. His injuries were not life threatening and he is expected to make a full recovery.

Brown was also taken to Southeast Health to be treated for injuries he sustained from the victim during the altercation.

After his release from the hospital, Brown was charged with one count of burglary First Degree and one count of attempted murder. His bond was set at $90,000.00.