‘I love you,’ Alabama police officer tells suicidal man as they pull him from bridge

Published 1:45 pm Friday, November 25, 2022

Three Alabama police officers are being called heroes after they risked their lives to save the life of a suicidal man.

Gadsden police officials told the story Friday in a social media post.

“One week ago today, three members of our Police Department risked their own lives to save the life of someone they had never met before.”

“Sergeant Danny Haas, Officer Alec Burgess and Officer Chris Phillips went above and beyond the call of duty by placing themselves in danger to save the life of a distraught individual.

“Our guys arrived on scene at the Railroad Bridge within 90 seconds of being dispatched to find the person’s vehicle disabled/stuck on the bridge and that person already over the traffic lanes of Albert Rains Blvd.”

“The officers were able to catch up and grab the person about the time they’d decided to jump.

“From the video, it was both devastating and distressing to hear how, in that particular moment before they officers caught up, a human being felt unloved and underappreciated to the point of drastic consequences.
It was also incredibly uplifting to hear Sergeant Haas’ first words to the person he pulled from danger – ‘I love you.'”

“Officer Burgess, who was in arm’s reach reiterated Sarge’s words and said, ‘I don’t like heights, let’s walk off this bridge together.'”

“As they escorted the person back to firm ground, where the Gadsden Fire Department responded and administered top notch treatment, the person asked the officers, ‘Why do y’all care what happens to me? Nobody else cares.’
Sergeant Hass answered, ‘We care. We are here because we want to be here.'”

The officer’s actions were heroic. Their words were comforting. This is OUR GADSDEN POLICE DEPARTMENT!

Officer Chris Phillips is not in the photos I have posted but he was right behind the other two officers, on the same bridge, over the same roadway, with heavy traffic driving at least 45 miles per hour.

Any of the three men would tell you they did exactly the same thing any of our folks would do, and that’s probably true. However, that in itself no way lessens the difference they made in a human being’s life last Friday.

These are the type of men and women you have protecting your family, your homes and your businesses every single day.”

To that, we at Alabamanow.com say, “Amen and thank you.”