Alabama stray dog freed from jug after weeks on run

Published 6:59 am Thursday, November 24, 2022

One of man’s best friends is thankful this Thanksgiving morning for his human friends who went out of their way to help him after he got his head stuck in a plastic jug.

The dog was spotted by residents in Bay Minette, Alabama, and animal control personnel said they believed the dog had the jug on his head for perhaps as long as five weeks.

The dog had rubbed a hole in the container so he could breathe better and get some food and water.

Minette Animal Control Officer Ashlynn Hale said after weeks of searching for the dog, she managed to catch it in a trap about a week ago and the dog, nicknamed “jug head” is now being treated for his wounds and being nursed back to full health.

No one has claimed the dog so he will be up for adoption after he’s back up to full health.