Alabama woman’s storage unit buy leads to bizarre find

Published 2:44 pm Tuesday, October 11, 2022

An Alabama woman was surprised when she found cremated remains among the contents of an abandoned storage unit she purchased in an online auction. When she dug through the contents a little more thoroughly, she was shocked by what she found – a human fetus in a jar.

The purchaser, Rebekah McManus, said she quickly called the police and turned the fetus over to them.

“I freak out a little,” McManus told WALA-TV.

Police said they’re investigating to determine if any foul play had occurred.

Aside from the fetuses, McManus said she wound up with more than a dozen ashes of cremated people. She discovered the storage unit had been previously rented by a Mobile-area funeral service that is no longer in business.

She’s been reaching out to the families of those deceased people to try and reunite the remains with their families. The remains date from just a few years ago to the mid-1990s.