Alabama man admits he bribed prison guard with cash to get smuggled phones, drugs

Published 1:21 pm Friday, September 30, 2022

An Alabama man received a sentence of nearly three years in prison for bribing a corrections officer while awaiting a federal trial for armed bank robbery.

Stanley Young, 34, from Selma, Alabama, an inmate at the Escambia County Detention Center at Brewton from January to October 2020, was being held at ECDC pending a federal trial for armed bank robbery in the Southern District of Alabama. Young was convicted of armed bank robbery and later sentenced to 17 years in prison.

At ECDC, Young admitted that he bribed a corrections officer at the jail. In exchange for the officer engaging in corrupt actions on his behalf, Young paid the officer over $5,000 from his CashApp account, including payment of a $4,000 down payment toward the purchase of an Infiniti vehicle at a car dealership in Mobile.

At various times, the officer provided Young with prohibited objects while on duty at ECDC, including money, cell phones, and K2 spice paper. In August 2020, the officer admitted to federal agents that she had a personal relationship with Young and smuggled cell phones and K2 spice paper into ECDC for him.

Agents obtained records from Young’s Facebook account, which he accessed using the contraband phones that the officer smuggled into the jail and gave to him. The records included messages detailing Young’s relationship with the officer; photographs of Young in his ECDC inmate uniform holding K2 spice paper; text and voice messages between Young and third parties discussing methods of smuggling K2 spice paper into jails and the prices at which it could be sold to inmates; videos that Young took of other ECDC inmates whom Young described as being “high” on K2 spice paper; and messages between Young and the corrections officer regarding the officer selling marijuana to individuals outside of ECDC on Young’s behalf.