Alabama university police officer arrested on domestic violence charge

Published 6:38 am Tuesday, March 8, 2022

A University of Alabama police officer was charged with domestic violence after allegedly breaking into the home of a woman he used to date and injuring her and another man who was inside.

Randy Ford Sumner, 48, of Duncanville was arrested following the alleged break-in early Saturday, court records showed Monday.

Sumner, armed with a handgun, went to the home of a woman he previously dated for three years and burst into the apartment, a sworn statement by a police officer said. He then broke through two more doors before locating a man who was inside, the statement said.

Both the woman and the man suffered minor injuries, the police report said. Tuscaloosa police took a gun from Sumner after he told them he was armed, it said.

Sumner was freed on $30,000, and a defense attorney asked a judge to schedule a preliminary hearing where evidence could be revealed. A doorbell camera captured the altercation, the report said.