Country music artist reaches out to fans, raises more than $10,000 for 80-year-old Alabama McDonald’s worker who ‘touched his heart’

Published 6:44 am Wednesday, December 29, 2021

A simple Facebook post by aspiring country music artist Fordie Hays turned into a Christmas blessing for one elderly Alabama woman in need of help.

Hays, a Mississippi native, regularly travels through Alabama on his way to and from Nashville and usually stops at exit 100 on Interstate 20/59 near McCalla to fuel up and visit the McDonald’s there before continuing on his way.

Hays’s December stop at the McDonald’s there would unknowingly change his life and the life of Annie Myrick, an 80-year-old McDonald’s cashier who waited on him.

“Talk about making a grown man leave in tears from the Love’s Truck Stop at exit 100 in Alabama,” Hays wrote on his Facebook page. “It’s days like today I wish I was rich so I could’ve made this lady’s life better. I went in to fuel up and grab a 10-piece nugget about 1:30 and she messed up (on the) computer and hit credit card instead of cash. It took her a second to fix it and my meal was $5.78. I handed her $11. She said that’s too much; I said it’s been a long day. She said, yea, and I just got started; I don’t get off till 12 tonight. I said your young you can handle it and she said I wish son I am close to 80 years old. I said well your rocking it and I walked out almost in tears. The songwriter in me wanted to know her story, why she was working at her age like that.. someday, when I do make it big in music, my goal will never be a big house or luxury items. It will be to help people just like her. Even though we don’t know her story or her name, say a prayer for this sweet little lady at McDonald’s in Alabama when you bed down tonight. She’s really touched my heart today.”

Hays said he was moved to do something to help the woman, so he asked his Facebook followers a simple question – “What can we do for this lady?”

The response was immediate and overwhelming. People from all over the country began commenting and sharing Hays’s post.

“I had someone mention a GoFundMe account,” Hays said. “I was hesitant at first, but after some research, I set one up.”

Hays’s Facebook followers did not disappoint.

“I set a goal for $5,000. I figured whatever wasn’t raised, I could make up the difference and give to her,” Hays said.

In less than 24 hours, the $5,000 goal was met – and then doubled. The GoFundMe account is currently at $10,521, well beyond Hays’s expectations. Hays knows the money will be well spent by Myrick.

“After posting about wanting to help her, I had friends and family members contact me and tell me that she is on dialysis and still working,” Hays said.

Hays also learned that Myrick was in desperate need of tires for her car and had been driving unsafe tires after two of her tires blew out.

Hay’s was able to connect with Myrick over the phone.

“She kept thanking me,” Hays said. “She reminds me of my grandmother.”

“I plan to leave the GoFundMe up until after the first of the year. GoFundMe even contacted me and asked me to leave it up due to the amazing response,” Hays said. “I plan to take a trip back to McDonald’s to give her the money in person,” Hays said.

Donations can still be made to the GoFundMe account for Myrick at

Fordie Hays can be found on his Facebook Page