Former Alabama school superintendent expected to plead guilty to fraud scheme

Published 9:53 pm Thursday, December 9, 2021

A former north Alabama school superintendent charged in a scheme to skim education funds told a court he wants to plead guilty to a single federal charge, court documents show.

Former Athens school superintendent Trey Holladay, charged with multiple counts of fraud and identity theft, plans to plead guilty to conspiracy, according to a notice filed in federal court on Tuesday. A judge hasn’t yet scheduled a hearing to accept a plea, court documents showed Thursday.

Holladay and Tom Sisk, the former superintendent for Limestone County, were among six people indicted early this year in an alleged scheme to illegally boost and pocket school funding.

The defendants were allegedly involved in a complicated scheme to fraudulently enroll students, many from private schools in the Black Belt region, in public virtual schools in north Alabama. The additional students boosted by hundreds and obtained additional state funding, the indictment said.

Holladay left his job in 2020 during an investigation after the Athens school board agreed to pay him $250,000 to buy out his contract.