Missing Alabama teen that wandered in woods shows up 9 days later

Published 5:44 am Saturday, November 13, 2021

Am Alabama teen returned home by himself after spending nine days in the woods.

Last seen on Nov. 2, Braedon-Layne Smith, 14, was slightly malnourished but otherwise unharmed when he returned to his grandfather’s house in Dothan.

An Emergency Missing Child Alert had been issued for Smith after wandering away while a family member was asleep.

Smith has several mental health issues, including bipolar disorder and ADHD, that had family members worried about his ability to survive on his own.

When he returned home, he said little about his experience, but an investigator hired by the family to help in the search for Smith has reported that teen may have spent time at Dothan area homeless camps.

Family members say they have taken precautions to prevent something similar happening again in the future.