Former Alabama prosecutor jailed on ethics violations, lying to grand jury conviction

Published 10:51 am Friday, November 12, 2021

A former Alabama prosecutor convicted of violating the state ethics law and perjury surrendered at the jail in his home county to begin a 10-month sentence.

Former Lee County District Attorney Brandon Hughes turned himself in at the Lee County jail on Thursday, when he had been ordered by a judge to report, WSFA-TV reported.

Hughes, 47, was required to serve time after a judge refused his request to join a community corrections program that would have allowed him to live at home.

Hughes was accused of lying to a grand jury and using $14,000 dollars from an office account to litigate a settlement involving a sex discrimination claim filed against him by a former prosecutor in his office. Testimony described Hughes’ office as a fraternity house where employees drank alcohol and played video games.

Hughes’ trial already had started in June when he pleaded guilty, a move that automatically removed him from office.