Alabama man found guilty of beating 78-year-old father to death in 2017

Published 6:04 am Thursday, November 11, 2021

An Alabama man has been found guilty of killing his father after beating him to death in 2017.

The two-day trial of Byron Keith Shirey ended with a guilty verdict.

Shirey reportedly called 911 in May 2017 and told dispatchers that he had discovered his 78-year-old father lying on the floor of his father’s house in Jackson County.

Shirey reportedly told investigators that he went to his father’s house out of concern when he didn’t see the lights on at the house as usual.

Investigators did not have evidence at the time to charge Shirey in the case. A two-year investigation led to the arrest of Shirey in September 2091. Shirey was charged with beating his father to death.

Shirey reportedly was in hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and had asked his father to help him. After his father refused to help, investigators said Shirey killed his father. Shirey then reportedly went to a bank and transferred $50,000 from his father’s account into his own.

Shirey will remain in custody at the Jackson County Jail until his sentencing in January of 2022.