Elderly Alabama man dies after pit bull attacked, mauled him

Published 2:14 pm Wednesday, September 22, 2021

A man who was attacked by a pit bull in eastern Alabama has died from his injuries, authorities said.

Phenix City police responded to a report of a dog bite early Tuesday morning, news outlets reported. Officers found Frank Cobb, 70, suffering from the attack.

Cobb was taken to a hospital in Columbus, Georgia. He was then transported to an Atlanta hospital where doctors attempted to re-attach his limbs, his family told WRBL-TV. He died Tuesday evening.

Officers searched the area of the attack for the pit bull but were initially unsuccessful. One that fit the description of the dog that mauled Cobb was later found dead on U.S. Route 431after being hit by a vehicle, police said. The dog was sent to a lab for testing.

Cobb’s body is being transported back to Alabama for an autopsy.