Alabama high school student arrested in part of TikTok crime challenge

Published 7:50 am Friday, September 17, 2021

A south Alabama high school student is facing criminal charges after being accused of stealing a fire extinguisher from the school as part of a TikTok challenge that’s been widely spread on the social media platform.

TikTok videos encourage students to commit theft and vandalism at school, but the social media company says it’s taking steps to remove them.

The “devious licks” challenge which went viral earlier this month, reported. It involves students stealing everything from bathroom stall bars to COVID-19 masks in an attempt to garner likes and shares on TikTok. “Devious licks” is slang for theft.

Schools across the South have been warning parents about the trend.

In south Alabama, Robertsdale High School Principal Joe Sharp says a student at his school swiped a fire extinguisher. Sharp said the student was caught on surveillance cameras committing the theft and that the student was suspended from Robertsdale High School.

A TikTok spokesman said company was removing any videos hashtagged #deviouslicks or other phrases associated with the challenge to help stop its spread.