Explosion rocks Selma convention center, heavily damaging it

Published 4:07 pm Tuesday, August 24, 2021

An explosion rocked an Alabama convention center, heavily damaging the building but causing no injuries, authorities said.

The cause of the Monday night blast at Selma’s convention center — which was unoccupied at the time — was not immediately known, Al.com reported. However, the preliminary investigation is pointing to a gas leak as the cause, Interim Selma Fire Chief Gabriel Sharpe told The Selma Times-Journal.

It caused significant damage to the Carl C. Morgan Convention Center, Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson said.

There is smoke and fire damage inside the building, Sharpe said. It also caused structural damage in the kitchen area in one corner of the building, he said.

The force of the blast also shook the nearby Selma City Hall, Jackson told the Selma newspaper.