Family: Next 72 hours critical for Mississippi lineman fighting for life after electric shock

Published 6:44 am Friday, June 25, 2021

The family of a Mississippi lineman continues to ask for prayers as the man recovers from a severe electric shock while working Wednesday in New Orleans.

Family members say the next 72 hours are critical as the man from Bay St. Louis receives treatment at the University Medical Center in New Orleans following the accident.

Reportedly a lineman for Entergy Louisiana, Cayce Seal is currently in stable condition.


In the post, Lassabe describes the incident where co-workers were able to reach Seal and perform CPR.

At the hospital, Seal was sedated and his body temperature was lowered to give the body an opportunity to recover. Doctors have since started warming his body back up and will ween him off medication. They will then begin neurological testing to determine the effects of the shock on Seal’s brain.