Investigation underway after Alabama police officer wounded, shooting suspect killed

Published 6:26 am Friday, April 23, 2021

Alabama investigators are reviewing video and physical evidence from a shooting that left one man dead and an Alabama police officer wounded.

Doward Sylleen Baker, 39, of Dothan, was identified as the man killed in the officer-involved shooting Monday.

The officer reportedly had surgery from a gunshot wound to the leg and is now recovering. The officer has not been identified.

Officials say Dothan police were conducting a traffic stop when one of the officers noticed a gun in the vehicle. Baker, the suspect, reportedly fled the scene in the car.

Baker then reportedly stopped his car at the suspect stopped at Third Avenue and Trim Street and then exited the vehicle with the gun.

The officer, who followed Baker, attempted to taser the suspect in order to incapacitate him, but the suspect began firing, striking the officer in the leg. Both the officer and his backup then fired at the suspect.