Tennessee man counting winnings, blessings after losing, finding million dollar lottery ticket in parking lot

Published 7:02 am Thursday, March 18, 2021

A man is counting his blessings — and his winnings — after he lost then found his million-dollar winning lottery ticket in a Tennessee parking lot.

Nick Slatten told WATE News that he was stunned when he realized that he had a lottery ticket worth $1,178,746. Slatten said he had bought the ticket at the Village Market in Sparta on Thursday.

Slatten said he was sharing the good news with family and friends when he realized that he no longer had the ticket.

About an hour before, Slatten had taken his brother to a local auto parts store. Slatten said he had to retrace his steps and found the ticket lying on the ground next to another vehicle in the parking lot.

Slatten said that someone likely stepped over the winning ticket without even realizing what is was worth.