Alabama congressman expresses concern that Biden immigrant policy creating COVID-19 crisis for country

Published 6:14 am Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Alabama congressman Mo Brooks has joined with other GOP colleagues to stop a new enemy looming on the country’s border — illegal immigrants carrying COVID-19 across the Mexican border.

Brooks and 9 other lawmakers signed a letter to Dr. Anthony Fauci requesting that the nation’s top health official use his influence to stop “a dangerous new foreign pipeline for COVID-19” along America’s Mexican border.

The letter also seeks action from the director of the National Institutes for Health. It says that the Biden administration’s “dangerous” immigration policy of  “catch and release” along the border puts the nation at risk in relation to the disease.

“As President Biden’s top medical advisors, you are in a unique position to make recommendations based on scientific evidence and data on what you believe to be best practices when it comes to containing the spread of the virus — something you have not hesitated to do on multiple occasions over the course of the last several months,” the letter said. “In that vein, we would like to ask you what recommendations you have made regarding the public safety implications of a return to the policy of “catch-and-release.” Do you believe that a return to tbis policy will help or hinder contact tracing, virus containment, and eradication efforts?”

“We would also like to know if you have personally visited border facilities and processing sites to see first-hand what COVID-19 protocols are being applied, and to what level these efforts are being coordinated with state and local officials; or if you have recommended any mechanisms to track the movements of recently apprehended illegal aliens who are processed and immediately cut loose under the new Biden policy.”