Alabama man accused of cutting wife’s throat with circular saw

Published 6:32 am Thursday, February 11, 2021

An Alabama man is in custody after officials say he attacked his wife using a circular saw to cut her neck and throat.

Kyle Young Waters, 35, has been charged with attempted murder and domestic violence.

The attack happened on the night of Feb. 3 in Randolph County in Eastern Alabama after the couple reportedly went out to dinner together.

Court documents say the couple then returned home and had consensual sex on a mattress in the loft of a storage building behind their house.

At some point,  Waters reportedly pushed his wife out of the loft, where she fell eight feet to the concrete floor below.

Waters then allegedly attacked his wife, banging her head repeatedly into the concrete. He then reportedly started stabbing her with pieces of broken glass.

After the victim was able to get the glass shards from Waters, police say, Waters grabbed a circular saw, placed the blade on her neck and cut her throat.

The victim was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. She underwent surgery and is expected to survive.

Waters is being held in the Randolph County Jail with cash bonds totaling $110,000.