Video: Mississippi Judge takes down suspect after being attacked in courtroom

Published 1:13 pm Monday, February 1, 2021

Supervisors in a Mississippi county are discussing courtroom security after a video showed a man trying to attack a justice court judge during a hearing.

The incident happened Jan. 7 in Pike County Justice Court, when a 27-year-old man was making a court appearance after being charged with domestic violence, the Enterprise-Journal reported.
Pike County supervisors on Friday watched a courtroom security video that showed the man arguing with a transport officer and Justice Court Judge Aubrey Rimes.

As the officer led the man toward a side door, the man lunged at the judge and the officer pulled him back. The man threw papers at the judge and tried to come around the side of the court clerk’s desk.

The clerk moved away and the man threw a phone at Rimes. The judge walked toward the man, who threw more paper at him as the officer tried to hold him back. The judge grabbed the man and pinned him onto a table before deputies arrived.

Rimes charged the man with contempt of court, and chief sheriff’s deputy Brad Bellipanni said the man will probably be charged with simple assault. The man remained in jail without bond.

Pike County supervisors had a closed-door meeting Friday to discuss courtroom security, but took no action. After the meeting, board president Robert Accardo said, “We’re going to have to do something.”