Man awaiting trial for attempted murder shot by relative — It’s not the first time

Published 6:39 am Wednesday, January 20, 2021

An Alabama man awaiting trial for attempted murder and other charges was in critical condition Tuesday after being shot in the chest by a family member.

Colton Sims was reportedly shot by his stepdad during an altercation at the family’s home in Baldwin County. An official with the Baldwin County sheriff’s office said Sims was in critical condition after being flown to a Pensacola hospital.

Before the shooting on Jan. 17 in Booneville near Atmore, Sims reportedly got in an argument with his mother. After the argument turned physical, Sims stepfather pulled out a gun and shot Sims in the chest, officials say.

The stepfather was not arrested. Officials believe the shooting may have been the result of self-defense and continues to be under investigation.

The shooting is not the first time Sims has been shot by another family member at the same home. In Dec. 2019, Sims was reportedly shot by an uncle in a shootout. While in the hospital, Sims reportedly assaulted a hospital worker.

Before the shooting on Jan.17, Sims was out on bond awaiting trial for assault second in Mobile for the hospital incident, attempted murder and several other charges for the 2019 alleged shootout with his uncle and another attempted murder charge in Monroe County where officials there said he tried to run over a deputy in 2015.