Former Alabama school superintendent threatens lawsuit over $584K she believes she’s owed

Published 10:55 am Wednesday, January 20, 2021

A former Dothan city school superintendent who left the job last year is seeking almost $600,000 that she claims she is due from the system, news outlets reported.

Phyllis Edwards is threatening to sue the system unless it turns over the money, according to a letter her attorney sent to the school board in the southeastern Alabama city.

Edwards submitted a letter in September saying she planned to quit, and the board accepted her resignation about a week later. Edwards’ attorney, Jacob Fuller, said she hadn’t actually resign so the board owes her $584,000 in unpaid salary.

“We are prepared to file an action in federal court in Montgomery if our client is not properly compensated,” Fuller told the Dothan Eagle.

Edwards resigned and has already been paid everything she’d due under her employment contract, said board attorney Kevin Walding.

Edwards worked at her Florida home from March 2020, the start of the coronavirus pandemic, until her departure, Walding said. Soon after, she sold her Dothan home and all of its belongings, he said.

The school system said in November that Edwards’ departure was finalized after the system paid for accrued vacation time and insurance premiums that totaled almost $38,000.