Woman who lives alone finds man in her house; local officials have no clue who he is

Published 7:54 am Saturday, January 16, 2021

Mississippi officials are searching for the identity of a man — and any other clues — after the suspect was found inside a woman’s house.

The man who was apprehended when he discovered inside a Woodville residence refuses to give any information — including his identity — about where he is from or why he was inside the house, The Woodville Republican reports.

Woodville Police Chief Jessie Stewart said police responded when a local resident who lives alone discovered the man in her house on Second Street. The woman called a local alderman, who immediately informed police.

“We quickly responded and were able to apprehend the man,” Stewart reported in Tuesday’s aldermen meeting. “He was placed in the Wilkinson County Jail. He has refused to provide any information whatsoever as to his identity. We still do not know who he is but we are still trying to find out who is and where he came from.”

Stewart said the incident is still under investigation