Vaccines given to people who were ineligible in one Alabama county

Published 8:41 am Saturday, January 16, 2021

Health department officials in one Alabama County said that it gave COVID-19 vaccinations to people who were not eligible to receive one.

In a story reported by, Mobile County Health Department said doses of the vaccine were administered during a “soft opening” of a mass vaccination clinic that is scheduled for today (Jan. 16).

Officials said while the event was intended to be invitation-only, some people took advantage of the situation and received does even though they were not eligible for them.

Officials said people who were not truthful about their age, misled screeners during the soft opening claiming they had special permission from a doctor or from the health department.

Officials say they do not know how many people who were not eligible to get a vaccine got one during the soft opening events.

Health department officials say they have put procedures in place to prevent similar problems in Saturday’s mass vaccination event and in future events.