Mississippi hospital staff tells ‘why’ they got COVID vaccine; their answers are heart-breaking

Published 1:51 pm Wednesday, December 23, 2020

A Mississippi hospital took an unusual and touching step as its staff members were vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine — they asked them why.

South Central Regional Medical Center in Laurel, Mississippi, is inoculating 500 employees this week with the new Moderna vaccine.

Employees began being vaccinated Tuesday morning and someone at the hospital organized a social media campaign in which employees were asked to answer “I got the COVID-19 vaccine because …” and fill out the blank on a small sign and pose for a photo.

Answers included simple messaging:

“To protect our community and my family!”

“I trust Dr. Dobbs! Knock out COVID 1 shot @ a time!!”

“I care about our future!”

“It’s the right thing to do”

“We don’t want COVID”

Other answers were much more heart-felt:

“I have seen too many patients die. I have held the hands of crying loved ones as they look at their loved one through glass. I had COVID. It is real! I want this to stop! Please help me stop the spread!”

“I’ve seen the look on my patients’ faces while they’re dying.”

“I want to END this thing for my family, friends so life can go back to NORMAL!”

Dr. Mark Norton wrote: “8 months ago I accepted the fact that I was going to die treating COVID patients and fighting this virus. I now have another weapon in my arsenal to fight this terrible disease. Be afraid COVID, I’m coming for you!”