COVID-19 claims 3 more Alabama inmates, total deaths top 50

Published 8:32 am Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Three more Alabama inmates have died after contracting COVID-19, bringing the system’s total number of inmate deaths from the illness to more than 50, the Department of Corrections said.

The deaths of Larry Gene Knight, 72; Dennis Guyton, 73; and Danny Charles Cunningham, 68, who all had other health problems, brought Alabama’s total number of inmate fatalities from the pandemic to 52, and two employees have died, according to department statistics.

That ranks fifth in the country, tied with Kentucky, for the number of COVID-19 deaths per 10,000 inmates, according to figures compiled by The Associated Press and the Marshall Project.

About 10% of the 10,858 Alabama inmates who have been screened for the new coronavirus have tested positive. The largest concentration of inmates sickened by the new coronavirus is at Bibb Correctional Facility, where 163 prisoners and 48 employees have tested positive.

While the virus causes mild or moderate symptoms for most people, it can be deadly for people with serious underlying health problems and the elderly.