‘Please don’t shoot my dad’ Mississippi man in jail after cross-country trip leaves one man dead, another injured

Published 5:56 am Wednesday, December 16, 2020

A Mississippi man is in jail after a cross-country trip turned violent leaving one victim dead, the victim’s son seriously injured and the police with a lot of questions.

Frankie Kimble, 34, of Greenville was arrested Monday after police found the bullet-ridden body of Carlos Smith, 50, in the middle of a Spokane, Washington street. On Monday, Kimble was booked into Spokane County Jail on a $1 million bond.

Court documents report that Kimble was family friends with Smith and Smith’s son, Travis Young, who was also seriously injured in the shooting.

Young told police the three men had been traveling from Greenville to Spokane to visit Young’s girlfriend and that the three men had spent two-night in a hotel room. When they couldn’t find any place to go, Young said the men ended up sleeping in their rental car. Sleeping in the backseat, Young said he awoke to an argument between his father and Kimble, who were both in the front seat. Young told officials that Kimble pulled out a handgun during the argument. Young said he put his hands between the two men in the front seat and said, “Please don’t shoot my dad.”

According to Young, Kimble proceeded to shoot. The bullet reportedly hit Young in the wrist and then hit his dad. According to Young, his dad then said, “You shot me. I need to go to the hospital.” At that point, Young said he jumped out of the car and fled.

Kimble told a different story, saying the three men drove to the Spokane location to sell drugs. Kimble claims Smith pulled the handgun and that while wrestling with the gun, the weapon went off. Kimble said he then got out of the car ad shot Smith several more times, deciding he was going to kill Smith.

Kimble also told detectives that Smith had been raping him for years and had already murdered several of his relatives in Mississippi. He said Smith was a police informant and “was a dead man already.” Kimble says he pointed the gun at Smith and pulled the trigger until the gun stopped shooting.

Court documents say that Kimble pulled Smith’s body out of the vehicle, left it in the road, and drove away. Kimble reportedly lost control of the car on the icy streets and crashed. Kimble then reportedly left the car and ran off, with no real plan.

A set of footprints led detectives to the discovery of Kimble hiding on the north side of the Spokane River. Kimble told police that after he crashed he wandered aimlessly with no plan until they found and arrested him.

Detectives say Kimble still had the gun they believe he used to kill Smith, and a check showed it was stolen from Greenville.