Police: Woman found smoking cigarette after stabbing 73-year-old mother

Published 6:52 am Friday, October 30, 2020

A Tennessee woman is facing charges for murder, accused of killing her 73-year-old mother after she said God told her to “murder.”

Memphis news outlets say officers found 73-year-old Callie Branch with multiple stab wounds to the hands, torso, neck and ears when they arrived at a home on Cimarron Drive Oct. 14 in south Memphis.

According to an affidavit, the suspect, Crystal Branch, told police “I stabbed her because she threatened to call the police on me for not taking my medicine.”

Police say they found Crystal Branch smoking a cigarette in the den when officers responded to a 911 call.

Crystal Branch’s niece told police her aunt sounded strange earlier in the day, saying God told her to murder.

The niece called 911 when she heard her grandmother screaming and found Branch on top of the victim, stabbing her.

Callie Branch went to the hospital in critical condition but died three days later.