Construction workers save elderly woman from sinking car in North Alabama pond

Published 8:39 am Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Two construction workers came to the rescue of a woman after she drove her car into a North Alabama pond.

Carolyn Tyler, 73, was driving along Upper Fort Hampton Road near Elkmont last weekend when police say she drove off the road and straight into a private pond.

Workers with Athens Aluminum were helping build a house on the property when they heard the car hit the water. The owner of the property, Yogi Wertz, told WAFF in Huntsville that the men ran over to the pond to help rescue Tyler.

Werts said Tyler rolled down her window from the car in the water and told the construction workers she could not swim.

Wertz said that even though the men didn’t know how cold the water was or what to expect in the pond, the men stripped down and swam to the car,

One of the men freed Tyler from the car shortly after.

Police say Tyler is being treated at an out-of-state hospital. Her condition is unknown.