Trader Joe’s to add another Alabama location

Published 8:39 am Thursday, October 15, 2020

North Alabam residents have only a year to wait before one of the nation’s most popular grocery store chains opens in the region.

Trader Joe’s is coming to Huntsville to the MidCity Development. Plans are for the store to be open by the end of 2021.

Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle said the store coming to town is a big indicator of how much Huntsville has grown.

Battle says Epling said many residents have requested for the chain to open a location in Huntsville.

“If you remember about 8-10 years ago we did a retail survey, what is the number one store you want to have come into the Huntsville area, Trader Joe’s was number one,” Battle said to a local television station.

Battle said he has worked hard to bring the store to the area. He said he even made a personal request to the company’s president 10 years ago.

“He sent back a very nice note- but basically said y’all weren’t ready yet, Huntsville wasn’t ready. But we’ve grown into that now. We have grown into being ready,” Battle said.

Speaking of growth, multiple business journals point to that being a key factor for a Trader Joe’s to move in.

Household incomes, the proximity to major universities and an upscale development sitting on a high traffic road all could be considered.

No official announcement about the store opening has been made Trader Joe’s.