Two dead after small plane crashes in Alabama

Published 1:13 pm Thursday, June 11, 2020

Two men died in a plane crash Wednesday afternoon in Sardis.

A pilot and a passenger were killed on a Piper PA-32 plane, according to Dallas County Coroner Alan Dailey. Dallas County District Attorney Michael identified the victims as Joshua Fuller and Vincent Segars, two Navy pilots.

Dailey said the small plane crashed off Dallas County Road 138 near the J.B. Hain farming community, four miles southwest of Craig Field, around 4:40 p.m. Wednesday.

“They declared an emergency landing and was trying to land at Craig Field,” Dailey said. “A crop duster was up and spotted the plane. There was nothing that could be done.”

A Sardis resident saw the plane crash said it was horrifying.

Craig Field Airport and Industrial Authority Executive Director Jim Corrigan said he was pleased with some of his employees being on hand to assist the accident. Members of the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office also worked the scene.

“Craig Airport Fire Department immediately responded to the accident where fatalities were discovered,” Corrigan said. “I understand the pilot declared an emergency prior to the accident. The National Transportation Safety Board will investigate and provide details as they become available.”