The 911 caller simply said she needed help; When police arrived they found the woman covered in blood

Published 3:27 pm Monday, March 23, 2020

Alabama law enforcement officers arrested a Mississippi man early Saturday morning after receiving a 911 call from a woman who simply said she needed help.

When Foley, Alabama, police officers arrived they found an adult female covered in blood. She appeared to have been badly beaten, police report.

Police made entry into the residence, investigated the matter and ultimately arrested Gary Orlando Hawkins, 34, of Meridian, Mississippi.

Police say Hawkins was intoxicated and also bleeding from minor wounds.

After further investigation, police determined Hawkins held the victim against her will while he brutally beat her to a state of unconsciousness.

The victim’s injuries were severe but did not appear to be life threatening.

Hawkins was charged with felony domestic violence (1st degree), felony kidnapping (1st degree), felony domestic violence (2nd degree, strangulation) and misdemeanor charges of marijuana possession.