Alabama law enforcement authorities search for police imposter

Published 2:08 pm Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Harpersville and Childersburg police are on the lookout for an individual who has possibly illegally impersonated an officer in the area.

Harpersville Police Chief Jimmy Macon said that a report was filed with the Childersburg Police Department on March 12, stating that the subject was stopped on U.S. 280 by a white male driving a black or dark blue Chevrolet Tahoe with blue, flashing lights on the roof.

Macon said the subject pulled over as she was crossing the bridge on U.S. 280 into Talledega County.

The suspect did not ask the female for identification but did ask her to step out of the vehicle. He was wearing some type of vest with a name on it.

The female did not exit the vehicle but instead drove away. The vehicle did not follow her.

Macon said police think the subject is in his teens or early 20s, and Macon has talked to another local person who saw something similar.

“Childersburg and Harpersville are working in conjunction to find this individual,” Macon said.

“Be advised that Harpersville police officers will identify themselves and will ask for drivers license and insurance information,” read a Facebook post. “Our officers will also not ask a female to step out of a vehicle for a traffic violation. We actually prefer to have people remain in their vehicles.

“If a female has a vehicle attempt to stop her, it is perfectly OK to safely drive to a well-lighted and public area before stopping. She can also dial 911 and confirm the officer’s location before she stops.”

Anyone with information about the subject should call their local police department, HPD at (205) 672-8000 or 911.