Alleged kidnapper charged with snatching 1-year-old Alabama boy from apartment steps; boy was unharmed

Published 3:50 pm Friday, March 6, 2020

Authorities in Alabama have charged a 21-year-old man with snatching a 1-year-old boy from the front steps of an apartment building Thursday morning.

Montgomery police booked Demarcus Leonard Snead into jail on a second-degree kidnapping charge, the department said in a statement.

A 34-year-old woman reported that she was walking down the steps from her apartment after 9 a.m. with two young children when Snead approached them, according to charging documents. Snead is accused of then grabbing the woman’s 1-year-old nephew, putting him into a car and driving away with the child, police said in the statement.

The woman told officers she followed Snead but stopped and called for help after she observed him driving dangerously, according to the police report. The woman told investigators she didn’t know Snead, and the man apparently didn’t have any relationship to the 1-year-old either, news outlets reported.

Smith released the boy unharmed and police arrested him a short time later, the agency’s statement said.

Authorities didn’t say why they think Snead took the child.