Town gives leaders pay raises, with some attendance strings attached

Published 10:36 am Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Pay raises are in the future for an Alabama town’s council and mayor as long as they attend the council’s monthly meetings.

The South Vinemont Town Council passed an ordinance to raise members’ pay this November. The raise is the first for the council since February 2008, said Mayor Radginal Dodson.

The town’s five council members previously received $300 per month with the mayor being paid $1,000 per month, The Cullman Times reported. The new ordinance keeps council members’ pay at $300 per month but with an additional $100 per month if the members attend the council’s meetings, and raises the mayor’s pay to $1,400 per month with an additional $100 per month if he, too, attends the council’s meetings, the newspaper reported.

The vice-mayor’s pay would stay at $550 per month with the additional $100 per month if he attends the meetings, the newspaper said.

The changes will take effect after the town’s municipal elections are held and new terms begin in November.