Listen Alabama, 4-in-10 of you are nasty. Stop double-dipping in public. You’ve been warned.

Published 11:18 am Thursday, January 30, 2020

Double-dipping, among the most egregious of food sins, is alive and well in America, new research shows.

Take note and guard your favorite dip as you head to that Super Bowl party, especially if you’re celebrating the game in Alabama or with Texans — a survey of 5,000 Americans, split evenly by state, finds Texas and Alabama residents are among the worst offenders of double-dipping.

New Yorkers and Washingtonians followed, rounding out the top three states most likely to double-dip, which was chosen as the worst food sin by 44% of respondents.

On the flip side, if you live in North Dakota or Virginia you can rest assured, as your neighbors are the least likely to double-dip.

Double-dipping reigned supreme over food atrocities like putting ketchup on pasta (35%), ordering a steak well done (32%), using utensils to eat a pizza (21%) or eating ice cream out of a cone with a spoon (19%).

Conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Sabra, the survey discovered — despite being the top food sin — nearly a third (31%) admit to double-dipping at a party or social gathering.

And 69% say double-dipping is only okay at home but NOT in a social setting.

The food respondents are most likely to double-dip? Results found french fries at the top of the list.

Besides double-dipping, people admit to committing other food faux-pas at parties and gatherings. Forty-three percent reveal they’ve spilled their drink while a further 30% have eaten the last of a dish.

Food is the TOP reason people say they attend Super Bowl parties – with the social aspect and the commercials rounding out the top three.

In fact, being an NFL fan ranked lower than all three — with just 39% of those studied saying their fandom for the NFL is what drives them to attend or host a Super Bowl gathering.

More than a quarter of those attending a Super Bowl party say they are most likely to refill their plates during the actual game to avoid missing commercials.

“Super Bowl is the biggest dipping occasion of the year and we love learning what people dip,” said Sara Braca, senior director of marketing at Sabra. “Engaging with fans on social media, we see people sharing their love of dipping pizza, wings and french fries into their favorite hummus.”

What do people love to dip? French fries, chips and chicken nuggets were ranked as the most desirable food to dip among respondents with nearly half (48%) of those studied saying they enjoy giving these delicious foods a dip.

There were some differences by state — results found New Yorkers prefer to dip carrot sticks (No. 4 overall) while those living in Texas enjoy dipping their pizza.

In fact, pizza was ranked No. 9 among the top foods Americans like to dip, followed by breadsticks — each with 34% of respondents choosing these foods as their go-to choice for dipping.

1. French fries 48%
2. Chips 48%
3. Chicken nuggets 48%
4. Carrot sticks 45%
5. Celery sticks 44%
6. Chicken/chicken strips 44%
7. Tostitos Chips 36%
8. Buffalo wings 35%
9. Pizza 34%
10. Breadsticks 34%

1. Texas 56%
2. New York 53%
3. Washington 52%
4. North Carolina 47%
5. Alabama 42%
6. Colorado 41%
7. Illinois 39%
8. West Virginia 38%
9. Florida 38%
10. Arizona 39%

1. North Dakota 16%
2. Virginia 17%
3. Kansas 20%
4. Mississippi 20%
5. Wisconsin 21%
6. Pennsylvania 21%
7. Hawaii 22%
8. South Dakota 22%
9. Georgia 23%
10. South Carolina 24%

By Zoya Gervis, SWNS