Report: Alabama man found with loaded pistol at Washington, D.C. airport

Published 6:03 am Friday, January 3, 2020

An Alabama man is accused of trying to bring a loaded pistol through a security checkpoint at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

The .380 caliber pistol loaded with six rounds was found in the man’s carry-on bag New Year’s Day, WTOP-FM reported, citing a statement by the Transportation Security Administration.

The gun was confiscated and the man questioned.

Airport police cited him with a weapons charge, the statement says.

The man’s identity wasn’t immediately released.

In 2019, 14 firearms were caught at the Arlington airport, according to the TSA.

That number isn’t far off of the 16 found in 2018, 13 found in 2017 and 17 found in 2016, according to the statement.