Alabama man pleads guilty after not reporting autistic son’s disappearance

Published 8:26 am Thursday, November 21, 2019

An Alabama man has pleaded guilty to not reporting his son missing. reports 46-year-old Jason Sims Sr. was convicted Monday in Jason Sims Jr.’s unsolved disappearance. He was charged in April 2016, more than a year after Natasha Wright said she last saw their autistic son.

Authorities investigating reports of neglect in 2013 believed the couple had two children but soon learned they had four. Two, including Sims Jr., had never attended school or had any medical records.

Authorities attempted to charge the parents but found their home empty. Months later, Wright was found inside unconscious with a medical condition.

Three of the children were with relatives.

She said Sims Jr. was last with her at the home where she was found.