Alabama Church: Our pastor is not texting you asking for gift cards

Published 10:01 am Thursday, November 7, 2019

The largest Episcopal church in Birmingham, Alabama, says none of its pastors are texting people and asking for gift cards. reports the Cathedral Church of the Advent announced Wednesday that it had learned of requests purporting to be from the Rev. Dean Andrew C. Pearson Jr. It posted on its website that the church’s clergy or staff wouldn’t “suddenly and unexpectedly” reach out for gift cards.

It asked recipients to send details to the staff of the church, which boasts a congregation of about 3,600 people.

The church requests readers pray the person or people behind the texts experience that same “transformation we read of in Zacchaeus’s story in Luke 19.” It’s a reference to the tale of a tax collector who swears to repay anyone he’s cheated.