Squirrel brings religion to unsuspecting worshipers in Alabama church

Published 10:08 am Monday, October 28, 2019

A squirrel attempted to recreate “The Mississippi Squirrel Revival” when it came through an Alabama church window Sunday morning, bringing religion to some of the congregation.

Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church pastor Bill Brunson mentioned the 1984 hit song by Ray Stevens as screams emanated from the church’s balcony.

“Just so you know the scream you heard is because a squirrel came through our stained glass window,” Brunson said. “and is encouraging our members to get a little more spirited than usual.”

The incident was shared on the church’s Facebook page.

“I like that we’re now trying to trap it with an offering plate,” Brunson joked as more screams could be heard in the background. Brunson joked that he was glad the offering plate could be used for many things.

Brunson then appealed to the congregation before opting to move on with the service.

“If you have any squirrel capturing skills, if that’s your spiritual gift, move to the balcony and assist in the hunt,” he said.

The fate of the squirrel is unknown.