Troy University suspends second fraternity over hazing investigation

Published 8:17 am Friday, October 25, 2019

Three weeks after announcing an investigation of the Troy Delta Kappa Epsilon chapter, university and fraternity officials have decided the chapter should remain on suspension through December.

Herbert Reeves, dean of student services, announced the results of the investigation Thursday.

“We found some things inconsistent with university and fraternity policies that could be construed as hazing,” Reeves said. “So therefore the chapter has been sanctioned; there were no individual sanctions placed on members, but on the chapter as a whole.”

The sanctions against the chapter mirror the sanctions on another Troy University fraternity suspended in September for hazing – the fraternity cannot participate in any events until the end of December, at which time university and fraternity officials will reevaluate the fraternity and determine whether to end the suspension.

Reeves said the allegation involved sleep deprivation, excessive calisthenics, violations of alcohol policies and verbal abuse.

The Troy Sigma Chi chapter had seven members disciplined individually by Troy as well as being expelled from the national fraternity.

With two of eight fraternities being investigated for hazing, Troy University briefly suspended all new member activities for fraternities two weeks ago to meet with each fraternity and discuss what qualifies as hazing and to reiterate the university’s zero tolerance policy for it.

“If it’s reported, we’re going to deal with it,” Reeves said. “If it’s reported, there’s an immediate suspension and then we’re going to investigate it.”

Reeves said the fraternity will also have to put in community service hours and other steps to come back into active status.

Even if the suspension is removed, Reeves said the fraternity will remain on probationary status and some sanctions could remain in place, depending on the evaluation.

Originally published in The Troy Messenger.