Extreme haunted house experience offers $20K if you finish, but no one ever has

Published 9:54 am Friday, October 25, 2019

With Halloween just around the corner, haunted houses around the country aim to scare the dickens out of people, but one man offers what can only be described as an ‘extreme experience’ in Alabama and Tennessee that’s so terrifying he requires participants bring a medical clearance and sign a 4o-page waiver.

If you make it through the tortuous 10-plus hour ordeal, he’ll pay you $20,000.

So far, no one has made it through the McKamey Manor experience before tapping out in fear, mental exhaustion and utter terror.

The owner, Russ McKamey, offers thrill seekers the soul-scorching experiences in both Huntsville, Alabama, and Summertown, Tennessee.

No one under 18 is allowed, due to the extreme nature of the experience and reservations are required. A background check and a drug test are also required. He reportedly has a long waiting live of people interested in being near-tortured, all in the name of fun.

McKamey records video of the participants from the moment the experience begins, reportedly for his own protection, and then posts clips online showing them as the quit, humiliated and scared.

The only charge required to enter the experience is a bag of dog food.

For more on the experiences,  visit his website (but be warned the images are graphic): https://www.mckameymanor.com/