Alabama sheriff’s office to appear on ‘Live PD’ TV show starting this week

Published 1:46 pm Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is the latest can’t-miss television star.

A&E’s most-watched series, “Live PD,” will begin this week airing episodes on Friday and Saturday nights from 8 p.m. to midnight featuring Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office deputies. Filming started Monday.

“Live PD,” which airs on cable and reaches over 7 million viewers, gives a transparent view of law enforcement on duty. The series aims to show how law enforcement is reducing crime and improving the quality of life across America. A&E works with communities to feature a cross-section of law enforcement and related agencies.

“The people of Jefferson County want to know that we are working hard for them every day,” said Sheriff Mark Pettway. “By showing our citizens on live TV what we do, what we endure and how we care about and serve the people, is the best way for us to continue to build viable relationships in the county.”

A&E says the show has been useful in improving community relations by raising awareness of the day-to-day work of law enforcement officers. The live segments will be supplemented with pre-taped video from the Sheriff’s Office during the week that will chronicle further deputy interactions. The show also airs “Missing” and “Wanted” segments.

The series uses dashcam, handheld and fixed cameras in patrol cars to show what happens on a typical Friday and Saturday night patrol. The show takes a fly-on-the-wall, documentary approach by following deputies in real moments. The show does not use a script or include music, interviews, narration or dramatizations. Instead, “Live PD” offers a raw and complete view of what it takes to police a community.

“Our goals with ‘Live PD’ are to identify any gaps that may exist between our office and the community and to increase recruitment of new deputies,” Pettway said. “Along with those goals, we see the show as an additional tool to help us locate fugitives and any missing children.”

“Live PD” is hosted by Dan Abrams and includes analysis from Tom Morris Jr., who provides insight on what viewers see during the three-hour show. Law enforcement officials may also appear as in-studio guests to provide commentary. Interaction with “Live PD” social media platforms is among the highest of any show on television.

Republished from the Alabama News Center