Alabama city puts halt to ‘large, dangerous’ funeral processions

Published 6:33 am Monday, October 21, 2019

A city in Alabama is limiting the number of vehicles allowed in funeral processions after local authorities say they became “large and dangerous.”

Decatur, Alabama, police Chief Nate Allen says only 15 vehicles will be permitted to drive in processions, in addition to a hearse, a funeral home vehicle and a vehicle for family of the deceased.

Capt. Chris Jones told Decatur Daily that up to 40 vehicles were driving in a line during some processions, “overwhelming” the department’s ability to provide proper assistance.

He says neighboring cities have banned processions entirely, but the department instead came up with a compromise.

Councilman Billy Jackson says the tradition should continue unchanged in order to respect the dead.

He asked the mayor to override the decision, but the mayor declined to intervene.