Alabama deputies bust illegal moonshine operation; no charges file yet

Published 4:14 pm Thursday, October 3, 2019

The Bullock County Sheriff’s Office got a tip Wednesday morning about a moonshine still operating in north Pike County.

By Tuesday afternoon, Pike County and Bullock County Sheriff’s deputies had found the still and began work to deconstruct the illegally operating moonshine production setup.

The still, located in the woods near Lockheed Martin Drive, had 35 barrels capable of producing 245 gallons of moonshine.

With nobody around when deputies discovered the still, Capt. Bob Williamson said there are no charges being filed at this time. But the still is being destroyed to cease production of the illegal liquor at the site.

Deputies estimated that a single batch of the moonshine, based on the size of the setup, could produce approximately $7,000 of profit.

Williamson said the size of the still is above average for what the sheriff’s office has dealt with in the past.

There are a litany of charges that could be made against the owner of the still, Williamson said, including possession of distillery equipment and unlawful possession of untaxed liquor.