As hazing investigations continue, Troy University suspends all new fraternity member functions

Published 8:34 am Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Troy University has suspended all new member activities of all Troy University fraternities as an investigation continues into a second potential hazing incident within the college’s Greek system.

“The suspension is effective immediately pending meetings with each individual chapter and all of its members starting tomorrow,” said Herbert Reeves, dean of student services. “We will decide after we have these meetings where we’re going with the new member programs.”

Last week, the university completed its investigation of the Troy Sigma Chi chapter, disciplining seven students for hazing eight victims within that fraternity. The seven individuals were also expelled permanently from Sigma Chi.

Just days later, the university announced a second investigation into the Troy Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity for potential hazing. Reeves said the allegation “basically involves… excessive calisthenics, violations of alcohol policies and verbal abuse.”

Troy University became aware of the Sigma Chi incident from a parent of a victim, and of the DKE allegations through the national organization’s anti-hazing hotline.

Reeves said the suspension of new member activities is an attempt to “get ahead of the curve.”

“We can’t just keep doing this one after another,” Reeves said. “We decided to take this approach to get to the bottom of it … The bottom line is we’re trying to put at stop to it.”

The meetings will including reviewing policies, reviewing individual fraternity procedures, and incorporating adult leadership into activities. Reeves said the fraternities will be educated on the “spectrum of hazing,” and that often fraternity members may not believe a hazing action to qualify because it is perceived as less severe.

Reeves said all activities involving new members are suspended.

“Basically new members can be there, but (the fraternities) can’t do anything with them,” Reeves said. “Anything to do with them is put on hold. We’re probably going to decide Friday what direction we’re going. We want the new members to have a positive experience and enjoy being part of this system, but we want to strengthen the system so we don’t have issues every time we have a new member class.”

Reeves said the investigation of DKE is still ongoing with the national organization at this time.